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Government Of Assam Nagaon District

District Employment Exchange : Reports sent to Higher Authority

Name of Section who prepares the Return/Report

Title of the Returns/Reports

H/A Registration Section

1. Status Report Monthly Return

2. Assam Right to Public Service Act-2012 Monthly Report

3. Monthly Narrative Report

4.Assam Sarkari Bhasa Ain-1960

Registration Section

1. E.S.-1.1 (Monthly)

2. E.S.-1.2 (A) (Monthly)

3. E.S.-2.1 (Half Yearly)

3.E.S.-2.3 (Half Yearly)

4. E.S.-2.4 (Half Yearly)

5. E.S.-2.5 (Half Yearly)

6. E.S.-1.2 (Annual)

7. E.S.-1.4 (Annul)

Vacancy Section

1. C.P.-I (Quarterly)

2. E.S.-1.3(A) (Annual)

3. E.S.-2.6(A) (Annual)

EMI Section

1. EMI Statement (Quarterly)

2. Bienial Return (Annual)

DMP Section

1. SE-6 Self Employment Return (Monthly)

2. E.S.-2.7 Self Employment Return (Half Yearly)

V.G. Section

1. E.S.-3 (Quarterly)

2. Report of Career Talk (Quarterly)

3. Feedback Vocational Guidance Activities (Quarterly)